Program Booklet

December 2022 | Baltimore, MD

Program Booklet Investment Levels

Gamaliel will once again publish a program booklet for the Race and Power Summit. Leaders, friends of Gamaliel, Gamaliel affiliates, vendors, and more may purchase space in the program booklet for any of the following:


Page Type
(All pages are full color)
Business Card (1/8 page)Quarter PageHalf PageFull Page
Advertisements (for goods, services, congratulations, etc.)$125$250$500$1000
Dedication or legacy pages (to honor or memorialize leaders and staff in our Network, past and present, as well as partners and friends of Gamaliel—full page only)$1000
Affiliate “bragging” pages (to celebrate the victories and share the work local/state affiliates are engaged in—half and full pages available)$300$600
Product Order Form (#11)

Gamaliel will host a display area outside the plenary auditorium at the Maritime Conference Center. Vendors, sponsors, and Gamaliel states/affiliates may rent display space for the duration of the Race and Power Summit. The rental includes a 6-foot table, table cloth, and two (2) chairs. (Displays do not need to be dismantled at the close of each day and stored.)

You will receive instructions for dimensions and requirements for your AD artwork. along with a way to send us your images. Or check back, this page will also have a way for you to upload artwork for us.

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